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Independent Centre of Laboratory Research (ICLR) "Etalon"

    Welcome to the site Independent Centre of Laboratory Research "Etalon" Khmelnytskyi city.

    The company has a powerful material and technical basis and includes the physical and chemical, analytical, microbiological and radiological laboratories with the most-up-to-date equipment.

    ICLR “Etalon” provides a wide range of accreditation and offers its services in the field of laboratory tests on the following parameters:E1 v tekst

  • Conclusionsof sanitary-epidemiological expert is eforall product groups (hygiene);
  • Certification of products, good sand services;
  • Certification of production abroad;
  • Development and implementation of quality and safetyman agement system atmanufacturing in accordance with international standards;
  • Laboratory examinations of agricultural goods (cereals, canola, corn, soybeans, vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, mushrooms, etc.);
  • Product export protocols;
  • Laboratory examination of drinking water, water from well sand springs, packaged water from filling points and pump rooms;
  • Main tenance of food in dustryenterpr is esand public catering services through out all indexes according to regulatory documentation;
  • Qulity control of drugs, dietary supplements, herbs;
  • Radio logical safety cartificates;
  • Full range of laboratory researches (physical, chemical, microbiological, examination of safe typarameters).